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Criteria for qualifying a Usman Moon Scholarship:

Students are assessed on two basic criteria.

Financial need:

  • Initial Assessment through documents submitted with the application form (including utility bills, income certification, rent details, NIC or Death certificate of parents,)
  • Interview of parents regarding source of income and nature of domestic expenses later verified by our representative through a post interview visit of Home

Students Performance:

  • Previous results are obtained (except for beginners)
  • Student’s Interview for basic skills and knowledge (simultaneous with Parents’ interview)
  • Post interview visit of school
  • ILM officials visit schools of each student regularly to pay the school fees personally and to review the performance of students.

Expenses covered under Usman Moon Scholarship and their limits:

All educational expenses upto intermediate level including admission fee, School Fee, annual charges, Course & books, uniform, shoes and in some cases transport also.

Tenure of Usman Moon Scholarship & Mode of Provision:

Usman Moon Scholarship tenure is one year ending with academic year. Scholarship is renewed every year based on annual performance, school result and need of financial support of the student. ILM Society awarded more than 1500 Scholarships disbursed over a span of years (2010-2017). 

Identifying and Approaching needy Students:

ILM management and trustees look for deserving students around their social circle and approach to the needy students. Besides this, needy students or their parents directly approach to ILM Society who are referred by donors, other students, or know about ILM from our website or SMS awareness campaign.

Collection through Zakat:

  • We have obtained Fatwa from Darul Ifta Binory Town regarding utilization of Zakat for this purpose.
  • Eligibility and utilization are carried in accordance with guidelines as taught by Darul Ifta.
  • All Zakat is utilized within one year before start of next Ramadan.